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Scheduled Reports

This section automatically generates a report on the team’s efficiency that is sent via email. It can be customized according to different parameters.

A green icon to the left of the report name indicates that report is enabled and it will be provided at the time specified in the “Schedule” column.

These are the same reports that are offered by the web console but created in the background on a specific schedule and sent via email as pdf attachment to any number of addresses.

In order to set the parameters for the new report, click on the “Create” button. To edit the parameters, click on the name of the report in the column “Job Name”. In the window that opens, you should complete the following steps: enter the Job Name and Report Data Range, set the time for receiving the report, select the Report Type and Activity Type, and enter the email for recipients of the report.

If no one is selected as the Users or Exceptions, the report data will be generated for All Users in the account. You can specify any email recipient of the report, or use the default email login system (so, the report will be sent to the e-mail of the user, who is logged to the web console right now).

For example: finally, every Monday company CEO may receive a PDF report with Activities data for Sales department for the Last Week.

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