This section allows you to view and edit lists of verified users of the Controlio web console.

Note: it’s about who has a web console access, but not who is monitored.

There are 2 security roles available: admin (full access) and manager (read-only access). This feature is very convenient for controlling other admins or managers access to console reports (in accordance with the access level to the employees or departments).

Manager role has a read only access that hides Behavior Rules and Settings menu items and offers reports only for specific users or departments. This is important for rights and security management, so head of the department (manager) can see the information only about his department, but admin and director can see all the information.

When adding a login, an email comes to employee's email with a link to access the web console. The role can be changed later.

You have the opportunity to modify the user’s role any time later, as well as choose the name of the branch or department.