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This section enables managing verified users (logins) who have access to the Controlio dashboard as well as configuring policy rules to control which data can be accessed by them.

Note: This isn’t about adding monitored users, but about granting access to the dashboard.

There are 3 security roles available: admin (full access), manager, and employee (policy-managed access). This feature is very convenient for controlling admins’ or managers’ access to reports (in accordance with the access level to the employees or departments).

By default policy, the Manager & Employee roles provide read-only access that hides System menu items and allows viewing the reports of specific users or departments; This is important for rights and security management so the employee may only view his own data, the head of the department (manager) may view the data of employees within his department only, but the director (admin) can view the data of all employees without exceptions.

Create Login

When adding a login, an email comes to the employee's email with a link to access the web dashboard.

You have the opportunity to modify the role & access policy any time later, as well as adjust which user’/departments’ data can be viewed.

Import Logins

If you want to provide access to the dashboard for many managers/employees at once, you may upload a CSV file that contains all of their login data.

The file should contain columns with email,username,first_name,last_name as header row. Use comma as delimiter.

Access Policies

Policies are rules that define a set of manager’s/employee’s access permissions – to view reports, to edit categorization settings, and to view live streams or screen recordings.


  • View reports – Manages access to the various reports under the Reports section.
  • Edit settings – Configures if a manager may edit activities’ categories & productivity levels of employees within his departments by creating a custom categorization rule.
  • System – Manages the ability to edit users, and assign monitoring profiles or schedules to them.
  • Play actions – Manages access to live screen streams from the Online Sessions report and historical Screen Recordings that are linked to various report items (Detailed, Snapshots, Keystrokes, Files, Emails, Printing, etc.).

Create a New Policy

Click Create from Access – Policies page:

On the Create policy page enter a name for the policy, select a role, then specify which logins (managers/employees) it applies to.

From the permissions list, select which items will be available to the selected logins.

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