In this view, you will see a time distribution by activities (applications and websites). The table below shows application and website activities separated into categories and productivity levels. You’ll clearly see what activities take more time in your organization.

On the top of the report you may see:
Productivity Score – calculated dynamically for the selected report data and filtering criterias
Active Time – computer working time while mouse/keyboard actions took place (active time counter stops if user session is idle for 30 seconds and more)

If you click on specific activity, you will be redirected to the Captions report for this activity – time distribution between application windows or web browser tabs (website urls):

Activities report is interactive, it means that you may change some settings ‘on the fly’ for any data item:


productivity level:

The report’s Productivity Score will be recalculated accordingly.

If you click on any activity, you will be drilled down to a summary where all information about enaging in this activity will be shown.

Note: if you see any activity that was not categorized automatically by Controlio’s engine – please do it manually for your most popular apps and websites. So, your report data will look more accurate and clear.