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Workforce Productivity

Get clear-cut figures and intuitive visualizations to learn how productive your staff is on both micro and macro levels. Spot productivity gaps on the fly and remove distractions or prevent damaging user behavior with a couple of clicks.

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Healthy Work Habits

Assess workloads, encourage regular breaks, adopt flexible work schedules, and prevent burnout with Controlio’s insights into work patterns.

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Smart Engine and Vast Database

Controlio comes with the opportunity to automatically categorize websites and applications according to their subjects and assign 5 productivity levels.

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Agent Workload Forecasting

Controlio provides tons of historical data to predict spikes and dips in workloads and better respond to customer demand.

How Controlio Helps You
Understand and Improve Workplace Productivity

Adopt a data-centric approach to your workforce productivity and build an ongoing, comprehensive, and effective performance-boosting policy for your business to thrive.

Get an immediate insight into current workflows

  • svgMonitor online sessions with a widget showing the activity state of all your connected workers in real-time.
  • svgSee immediately who is online and which of your staffers are currently away to match these data with established working hours
  • svgCheck what the workers are actually doing through the Activity window or get even a deeper view by watching a live-streaming video of their computer screens.
  • svgAssess each person’s efforts taken for the last 60 minutes based on an easy-to-capture histogram.

Label websites and apps as productive or distractive

  • svgUse highly flexible opportunities to categorize websites and apps based on their relevance to your working processes. You have five categories to ensure the most accurate labeling for further productivity tracking.
  • svgAvail of fast access to productivity levels editing when you need to adjust the rules to the slightest changes in your work-related tasks.
  • svgApply even more detailed labeling by assigning custom productivity levels to different users and departments depending on the specifics of their work.

Measure and compare productivity across employees and departments

  • svgAnalyze your workforce productivity based on a clear KPI automatically calculated by Controlio. It generates productivity scores for your whole staff, separate teams, and individuals by measuring their use of applications and websites.
  • svgDerive max benefits from the well-designed formula, which packs hours and activities into an easily understandable metric shown as a percentage and ranging from 0% to 100%.
  • svgView the productivity score for any time span and compare the figure with the previous periods to grasp the dynamics.

Gain better visibility into labor hours utilization

  • svgTransform each user interaction with a mouse or keyboard into meaningful statistics with Controlio recording the total time spent by your employees with their computers turned on and automatically calculating their activity ratio.
  • svgLearn how much time your staffers spend doing something on their computers and how many hours go elsewhere every day, week, month, or year.
  • svgCompare the numbers across users and teams to identify weak links or check the dynamics throughout a certain period to evaluate the efficiency of your managerial decisions.
  • svgExplore the activity ratio per session and learn which of your team members stay idle in front of a computer screen most part of the time.

Construct a full picture of the websites and apps usage

  • svgFind out how your workers use the Internet access and software solutions provided at the workplace to distinguish helpful tools from useless or even hurting and remove productivity killers.
  • svgObserve your workforce’s active time distribution between applications and websites as well as between different categories of tools.
  • svgDrill down into categories and activities through the corresponding reports where you can easily compare website and application usage by the time spent on them and their contribution to the overall performance.
  • svgRely on Controlio’s smart engine, which can recognize apps and websites using its vast database, arrange them into categories and assign proper productivity levels with no involvement from your side.

Reveal productivity gaps and trends with user-friendly visuals at hand

  • svgDetect changes in productivity trends at a glance with the Periods widget, which clearly illustrates how your employees’ productivity fluctuates within a certain time.
  • svgGet a deeper understanding of the trends with an interactive histogram that displays the users’ engagement in computer-based activities per hour, day, week, and month.
  • svgSpot highs and lows during a single working day for each member of your team by analyzing graphs presented in the Attendance section.
  • svgTrack actual hours devoted to work by your staffers and see who is slacking, overworking, or late for work by exploring data collected in a user productivity digest.
  • svgAdjust work schedules to the revealed activity patterns to boost your employee productivity while creating a more comfortable working environment for each worker.

Promote higher performance by establishing role models and uncovering rogue employees

  • svgLet the Productivity widget serve as your leaderboard showing a list of the most productive workers by default. You can also use its sorting feature to see into employees with the poorest results.
  • svgExamine the list of top violators and dig into correlations between failures to comply with your workplace policies and productivity drops.
  • svgEvaluate the level of the staffers’ engagement in work activities based on visualized data attached to each user and find productivity patterns to introduce improvements across the whole staff.
  • svgSort workers by active time in a table located in the Productivity tab and get another leaderboard to rely on for making informed HR decisions.

How to Transform Controlio’s
Workforce Analytics into Effective Actions

Controlio’s smart solutions for enhancing performance go beyond collecting data, drawing charts, and generating reports. This productivity tracking software comes with a set of features that allow fixing productivity issues right away. Transform the insights received through the valuable metrics into effective actions and incorporate these tools into your performance-boosting strategy.

  • svgIdentify distracting websites and applications based on productivity analytics and block them completely by establishing the corresponding rule in the Behavior section.
  • svgGrant limited access to social media websites, online marketplaces, news outlets, instant messengers, and other platforms that can be both destructive and helpful by specifying allowed users and an applicable time.
  • svgLaunch notifications informing supervisors about employees using distracting websites and apps to take immediate measures and get the staffers back on track ASAP.
  • svgRedirect users from suspicious web-resource to work-related pages automatically.
  • svgCustomize the screen recording feature to probable non-work activities covering websites, apps, online searches, emails, and files to confirm or deflect the suspicions remotely.
  • svgPrevent productivity declines due to workplace burnout and overwork by promoting regular breaks and a healthy work schedule with alerts linked to your workers’ non-stop active time.
  • svgStay informed about your employees’ idle time to immediately investigate the causes upon receiving notifications launched when the users fail to interact with their computers for a specified time.
  • svgFactor in Controlio’s performance metrics when making decisions on promotions, salary raises, bonus pays, and other HR issues.

What Are Controlio Features?

  • Productivity Stats
  • Working Hours Tracking
  • Contiuous Screen Recording
  • App & Web Tracking
  • User Behavior Rules & Alerts
  • Computer Usage Reports
  • Other Features
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Departments hierarchy

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Live sessions monitoring

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Remote client agent deployment

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Multi-login Dashboard with access control list

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Data Export to PDF, CSV

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Agent Stealth mode and Icon mode

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Audit Log (tracks activities inside the Dashboard)

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2-Step Authentication

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Cloud-based, on-premises, private AWS cloud deployment options

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GDPR data recording&view mode

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API for data integration

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Active Directory OUs and users synchronization


What our customers are saying


five stars

"I use attendance more than anything else. makes clear what they are doing."


May 19, 2023

It admin, Design, 11-50 employees
Used the software for: 1-2 years


five stars

"Aside from the software being amazing, the customer service is the best part. They always respond within a timely manner, and answer any of the questions I have."


November 16, 2022

IT Specialist, Construction, 51-200 employees
Used the software for less than 6 months


five stars

"Overall this is best as we don't have to do micro monitoring because at we can see when we want to see with the help of the reports. Very clear and easy dashboard so anyone can check and understand. It will also help you in future in task assignment , appraisal, R&R and promotion."


June 21, 2021

Information Technology and Services, 51-200 employees
Used the software for 6-12 months

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