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Security, Compliance,
and Workforce Management for Financial Services

Reduce the risk of fraud and data loss dramatically with a full set of technology-enabled proactive and reactive tools. Simplify data security and privacy compliance and improve organizational efficiency.

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Employee-Friendly Monitoring

You can permit your staffers to turn the monitoring on/off right from the taskbar of their devices to demarcate work-related activities from personal use.

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Automated Web/App Categorization

The Controlio engine allows classifying web pages and applications for labeling or blocking with little to no tedious manual manipulations.

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Offline Data Collection

Controlio stores data locally on employees’ computers and uploads them to the Dashboard as soon as the internet connection is restored.

How Controlio Addresses the Main
Cybersecurity Pain Points of Financial Institutions

Reveal insider threats early even in a host of people handling sensitive financial data, and respond to security incidents in seconds.

Implement a proactive approach to insider threat detection and data loss prevention

  • svgSet behavior rules governing access to websites and apps that can pose a risk of malware infection, phishing attacks, or data leaks.
  • svgNarrow down a set of people who are allowed to use USB flash drives on their computers to prevent malware deployment and data loss.
  • svgList stop words signaling fraud, unauthorized access to sensitive data, or other malicious intents and customize them to users and departments based on their job duties.
  • svgSpecify employees with a history of suspicious activities or prone to risky behaviors to capture their logons and the start of their monitoring sessions for closer surveillance.
  • svgReceive notifications triggered by the established rules to take immediate actions or investigate the signs of risk.
  • svgSwitch to real-time monitoring to better understand the true nature of the incidents by exploring the perpetrators’ active tasks and live stream videos of their computer screens (optional).
  • svgBlock high-risk activities, such as visiting insecure websites or inserting removable media devices, for individual users or whole departments to reduce security vulnerabilities.

Ensure compliance with cybersecurity regulations specific to the finance industry

  • svgMeet PCI DSS, GLBA, SOX, FCPA, and other data security regulations by maintaining immutable activity logs and providing strong control over access to customer data and company financial information.
  • svgRespond to regulatory audits with detailed records of every computer-based activity performed by your staffers, including email, chat, and IM communications (optional), web/app activities, logons/logoffs, keywords usage (optional), file uploads, print-outs, and other actions with documents.
  • svgDerive irrefutable evidence for security investigations from the logs equipped with convenient search and filter features to resolve cases quickly and take legal actions, if necessary.
  • svgStay HIPAA-compliant when delivering financial services for healthcare providers by deploying private cloud or on-premise versions of Controlio, which exclude third-party access to your company’s data.
  • svgAbide by regulations protecting your employees’ privacy along with the confidentiality of customer data by enabling/disabling certain data collection features.
  • svgUse built-in GDPR mode if working with EU-based users and turn on a customizable warning message informing your employees of the monitoring to comply with the CCPA as well.

Pinpoint potential threats and conduct a risk assessment with advanced user and entity behavior analytics

  • svgCollect comprehensive data on your staffers’ activities at the endpoint to define baseline behaviors for individual users, different departments, and the entire company.
  • svgLearn what apps they typically use, when they start/end working, what their online activity look like, how they handle emails, what files they usually access, and other meaningful information.
  • svgTransform these statistics into actionable policies and risk evaluations to address improper behaviors, create effective monitoring profiles, and identify at-risk employees.
  • svgMonitor your staffers based on their risk levels with highly customizable settings, which can be tuned to each user’s schedule and job duties.
  • svgSpot suspicious activities, such as logging in at odd hours or printing out documents containing valuable data, by comparing them with the baseline behaviors across users and teams.
  • svgCheck the Top Violators summary to reveal negligent workers and provide them with additional training and mentorship or impose penalties on rogue employees.
  • svgView the Alerts report to dig deeper into the incidents and find ways to improve existing security incident responses.

Provide complete endpoint visibility throughout your organization regardless of work model

  • svgManage your branch offices as if all your workforce is sitting in one building and attract/retain talents by adding WFH and hybrid workplaces to the choice of work models.
  • svgChoose between cloud-based, on-premise, and private cloud versions of Controlio to perfectly match the specifics of your organization, including applicable compliance requirements.
  • svgMimic your company’s organizational structure by creating various departments and units within the departments; adding, deleting, and moving users; constructing schedules for teams and staffers working in different time zones and having different office hours.
  • svgAssign supervisors responsible for compliance management to receive security alerts and automatically generated reports scheduled as you see fit.
  • svgDeploy and uninstall the Controlio app remotely, invite your team members to the dashboard via links, and manage objects and data on the go by accessing the dashboard via your mobile device’s browser.

Limit access to data collected by Controlio and enforce privileged users’ accountability

  • svgMaintain a high security level when using Controlio with its role-based policy, which limits managers’ and employees’ access to the dashboard and gathered data by default.
  • svgConfigure your own access rules granted to different users by selecting permissions to view certain types of data or edit some settings.
  • svgKeep track of the access privileges via the Audit Log recording all the actions made in the system.
  • svgUse the log to perform investigations into privilege misuse and ensure further compliance with cybersecurity regulations.
  • svgEnable two-step authentication and add yet another protective layer to the dashboard access by blacklisting/whitelisting IPs.

Take on board vast behavioral data giving you vital insights into your workforce productivity

  • svgKeep track of your staffers’ performance regardless of their locations with the help of structured statistics and easy-to-grasp charts produced by Controlio.
  • svgBenefit from automatically generated KPIs evaluating employee productivity (Productivity Score) and engagement (Activity Ratio) based on web/app usage and keyboard/mouse interactions.
  • svgCompare the KPIs across users and departments or check them against previous time periods with convenient search and filtering options.
  • svgReveal bottlenecks in existing workflows and get a clear understanding of where the working time goes, down to hourly activity distribution for each user.
  • svgView graphs reflecting productivity trends to timely spot performance drops and monitor the results of changes introduced in your business operations.
  • svgAnalyze digital tools used by your team members to identify redundant programs and distracting web platforms/applications.
  • svgDetect underperformers, overworking employees, and imbalanced workloads to prevent burnout and job dissatisfaction while spurring on those slacking off.

Optimize your policies and workflows with Controlio’s hands-on tools to boost employee productivity

  • svgRemove a fair share of office distractions by blocking news outlets, social media, gaming/gambling platforms, and online shopping or limiting the amount of time allowed for accessing them.
  • svgMaintain automated attendance and work time logging with Controlio recording logon/logoff time, the start/end of daily computer sessions, and active, idle, and total time spent on work computers.
  • svgSet alerts on excessive idle and active time to get your distracted employees back on track while avoiding overwork.
  • svgPraise top performers based on Controlio’s ready-made productivity leaderboard and encourage other staffers to follow behavior patterns specific to the role models.
  • svgImprove workplace efficiency by linking schedules and assignments to your employees’ natural active hours.
  • svgMonitor productivity in real-time in addition to receiving scheduled reports to flag productivity issues as they arise and deal with them ASAP.

What Are Controlio Features?

  • Productivity Stats
  • Working Hours Tracking
  • Contiuous Screen Recording
  • App & Web Tracking
  • User Behavior Rules & Alerts
  • Computer Usage Reports
  • Other Features
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Departments hierarchy

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Live sessions monitoring

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Remote client agent deployment

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Multi-login Dashboard with access control list

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Data Export to PDF, CSV

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Agent Stealth mode and Icon mode

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Audit Log (tracks activities inside the Dashboard)

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2-Step Authentication

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Cloud-based, on-premises, private AWS cloud deployment options

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GDPR data recording&view mode

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API for data integration

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Active Directory OUs and users synchronization


What our customers are saying


five stars

"We did a thorough analysis of all software packages; we have tested and tried each of them. We use the cloud version of Work Examiner (Controlio) and we immediately were convinced. It does *exactly* what we need in a seamless way."


January 27, 2020

Shareholder, Construction, 11-50 employees
Used the software for less than 6 months


five stars

"Aside from the software being amazing, the customer service is the best part. They always respond within a timely manner, and answer any of the questions I have."


November 16, 2022

IT Specialist, Construction, 51-200 employees
Used the software for less than 6 months


five stars

"Overall this is best as we don't have to do micro monitoring because at we can see when we want to see with the help of the reports. Very clear and easy dashboard so anyone can check and understand. It will also help you in future in task assignment , appraisal, R&R and promotion."


June 21, 2021

Information Technology and Services, 51-200 employees
Used the software for 6-12 months

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