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Time Tracking and Activity Monitoring for Call Centers

Take the quality of your call center services to the next level with better individual and team performance. Process more calls, create a consistent customer experience, and generate higher profits by implementing smart technology.

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Agent Workload

Controlio provides tons of historical data to predict spikes and dips in workloads and better respond to customer demand.

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Actionable Behavioral

The app delivers reliable statistics and easy-to-grasp visualizations to spot productivity patterns and role models for creating a performance-boosting environment.

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Diligent Monitoring

You can allow users to turn the monitoring on and off from the computer taskbar to avoid accidental capture of their personal data.

How Controlio Ensures Productivity Gains
Through Real-Time Visibility and Data-Driven Approach

Respond to performance issues as they unfold in real-time and develop effective management strategies
based on historical data. Exercise control over your inbound/outbound teams
and WFH/office agents with no micromanagement.

Learn how working
hours are actually used with
real-time monitoring and in-depth reports

  • svgClock your agents in and out digitally with logs capturing logins/ logoffs and the start/end time of every working session
  • svgReduce paperwork while retaining a full picture of time allocation by letting Controlio accurately record minutes and hours required to handle tickets, chats, and calls in various apps.
  • svgCompare the Total Time spent by your agents on their computers with Active and Idle times determined by their interactions with the mouse/keyboard to evaluate and address the loss of time.
  • svgCheck what each user was doing at any point of the day through the detailed Attendance report to see whether their activity complies with assigned job duties and established breaks.
  • svgTrack which of your agents are currently online and watch what exactly they are doing to flexibly distribute calls and tickets depending on the existing load.
  • svgLearn your agents’ individual activity patterns across working hours and days of the week to better shape work schedules and boost productivity.
  • svgKeep control of overtime and prevent burnout by revealing agents who have been working after-hours for several days in a row.

Take on board the right technologies to power team productivity with comprehensive web and app usage monitoring

  • svgGet a clear idea of app/web usage in your organization to optimize your tech stack and cut license costs on digital tools with poor, redundant, or overlapping functionality.
  • svgRely on Controlio’s built-in engine capable of sorting out websites and applications by category and productivity, including default settings for multiple communication channels.
  • svgFinetune the settings by creating custom categories, combining websites and apps in thematic groups, and labeling them based on five productivity levels, from very productive to very distracting.
  • svgFind out how much time your staffers spend in certain apps/on specific web pages and what activities take the lion’s share of working hours to uncover bottlenecks in your workflows.
  • svgTrack which of your agents are currently online and watch what exactly they are doing to flexibly distribute calls and tickets depending on the existing load.
  • svgSpot distracting tools and rethink your web/app usage policy to achieve the best balance between performance, healthy breaks, and collaboration.
  • svgForm an overall perspective on the time during which your agents can stay focused on particular tasks by checking Active Time against Total Time spent in an app or on a web page.

Maximize your call center’s productivity and enhance the quality of your customer service with actionable KPIs

  • svgGauge the performance of the entire service, different teams, and each agent using the automatically generated Productivity Score linked to the time spent in apps and on websites with various productivity levels.
  • svgMeasure the engagement of your agents based on Activity Ratio, which shows the relation between Active Time and Total Time in percentage terms.
  • svgCompare the metrics with previous timeframes and track productivity trends that display active time dynamics throughout a chosen period.
  • svgUse the Productivity leaderboard constructed by Controlio to clearly see top performers and detect those agents who are slacking off.
  • svgReduce distractions by blocking non-work websites and apps or establishing time constraints for collaboration tools and communication channels that can be abused.
  • svgSet alerts on nonproductive activities for supervisors to take immediate steps and get the agents back on track.
  • svgLaunch notifications informing managers of idle users to efficiently manage workloads and better meet customer demand.

Build a safe and friendly work environment protected from insider threats and data breaches

  • svgPrevent workplace harassment, data leaks, and malware infection by monitoring communication flow via emails, chat rooms, instant messengers, and other channels (optional).
  • svgResolve labor disputes and respond to security incidents with reliable evidence, such as immutable activity logs and live streams of computer screens or video recording archives (optional).
  • svgReveal risky and inappropriate behaviors by analyzing keywords, snapshots, and operations with documents (optional).
  • svgTurn on alerts on activities violating work discipline and block potentially harmful actions, for example, inserting USB flash drives.
  • svgReview the Top Violators report to provide the negligent agents with extra coaching and supervision.
  • svgLet your agents view their productivity data to encourage self-improvement and promote trust in the workplace.
  • svgEnsure controlled access to data collected by Controlio with its role-based policies and safeguard your agents’ personal information by limiting the data collection.

Keep track of separate workflows and the entire swing of the work with all your office and remote agents gathered on a single platform

  • svgDeploy Controlio on in-office and remote devices powered by Windows and macOS in a matter of minutes.
  • svgConnect your employees to the system and grant them access to different features with a link sent via email.
  • svgGroup users into departments or inbound and outbound teams to completely recreate your company’s organizational structure.
  • svgAssign managers and supervisors to monitor various departments, get real-time alerts, and receive scheduled reports.
  • svgView and manage the users and data collected by Controlio with its dashboard available via a browser of your mobile device.
  • svgEdit the set-up on the fly and trigger multiple actions in bulk with convenient tools accessible from most sections.
  • svgUse versatile filtering options and search bars to reach the information you need in a few clicks.

Customize Controlio’s settings to ensure effective and non-invasive activity monitoring based on the specifics of your call center

  • svgCreate a custom set of monitoring profiles in compliance with your corporate policies and applicable privacy protection laws, such as the GDPR or CCPA.
  • svgSelect types of activities to be monitored and set recording methods depending on your staffers’ job duties, efficiency levels, and risk assessment results.
  • svgConfigure behavior rules to target only individual users or separate teams without interfering with the normal workflows of the whole organization.
  • svgExclude useful websites and apps from restricted categories and take advantage of delayed automated actions to precisely meet your needs with no manual micromanagement.
  • svgFactor in time zones, regular working hours, and even individual shifts when launching monitoring or generating reports.
  • svgEstablish flexible access policies for administrators, managers, and employees entitled to view data collected in the Controlio dashboard.

What Are Controlio Features?

  • Productivity Stats
  • Working Hours Tracking
  • Contiuous Screen Recording
  • App & Web Tracking
  • User Behavior Rules & Alerts
  • Computer Usage Reports
  • Other Features
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Departments hierarchy

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Live sessions monitoring

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Remote client agent deployment

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Multi-login Dashboard with access control list

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Data Export to PDF, CSV

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Agent Stealth mode and Icon mode

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Audit Log (tracks activities inside the Dashboard)

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2-Step Authentication

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Cloud-based, on-premises, private AWS cloud deployment options

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GDPR data recording&view mode

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API for data integration

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Active Directory OUs and users synchronization


What our customers are saying


five stars

"I use attendance more than anything else. makes clear what they are doing."


May 19, 2023

It admin, Design, 11-50 employees
Used the software for: 1-2 years


five stars

"Aside from the software being amazing, the customer service is the best part. They always respond within a timely manner, and answer any of the questions I have."


November 16, 2022

IT Specialist, Construction, 51-200 employees
Used the software for less than 6 months


five stars

"Overall this is best as we don't have to do micro monitoring because at we can see when we want to see with the help of the reports. Very clear and easy dashboard so anyone can check and understand. It will also help you in future in task assignment , appraisal, R&R and promotion."


June 21, 2021

Information Technology and Services, 51-200 employees
Used the software for 6-12 months

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