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User Activity and Endpoint Monitoring Platform for Enterprise Customers

Get the right data to empower people, streamline workflows,
and maximize technology with enterprise-ready employee monitoring software.

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Excellent Customer Support

Controlio provides an extensive technical support knowledge base and offers a choice of communication channels, from a toll-free phone number to in-app chat.

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SaaS Licensing

The enterprise-level packages come with monthly and annual plans to deliver the best flexibility and cost-efficiency.

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Employee Self-Monitoring

You can invite your staffers to view their productivity insights and let them pinpoint areas for self-improvement.

How Controlio scales up to meet your
business development while contributing to the growth

Boost employee productivity and engagement at both individual and organizational levels with powerful analytics generated in a protected, scalable, and customizable environment.

Mass deployment for office-based and remote devices

  • svgChoose your preferred deployment option with Controlio’s on-prem and private cloud packages designed to deliver a highly secure, cost-effective, and flexible buyer-managed private instance.
  • svgInstall Controlio on any Windows or macOS-powered device with the Client Launcher app applicable for remote deployment on multiple computers over your LAN.
  • svgSend a link to your remote workers for the fast and easy manual installation of the client agent or use a .msi package for secure GPO or SCCM deployment.
  • svgGet your workstations added to Controlio’s dashboard automatically with all the technical information attached for convenient management and inventory.
  • svgView and manage data collected by the app from any place and on any device by accessing the web-based dashboard via your browser.

Enterprise-grade security

  • svgCollect and process data within a safer environment inaccessible to third parties and totally controlled by you.
  • svgPrevent data loss with independent backups implemented as you see fit to ensure fast data recovery and convenient data management.
  • svgEnable two-factor authentication in the Controlio dashboard to strengthen the protection of your account.
  • svgUse secure API Tokens with limited lifetimes as an alternative to passwords when working with the Controlio Data API.
  • svgImplement controlled access to the dashboard with role-based policies, both default and custom-made, for admins, managers, and employees.
  • svgElevate the dashboard protection by entering IPs or subnet masks to the built-in Whitelist and Blacklist.

Compliance across borders and industries

  • svgLimit the collection of your employees’ data to unidentifiable information by enabling the purpose-built GDPR mode if you need to monitor EU-based branch offices.
  • svgInform your workforce of the monitoring with a corresponding message as required by privacy protection regulations, such as the California Consumer Privacy Act.
  • svgFinetune monitoring profiles to avoid capturing your employees’ PHI, credit card details, personal credentials, and other private data types in specific apps and web services.
  • svgMaintain immutable, time-synced audit logs tracking access to files, programs, and web pages containing customer data protected by HIPAA, GLBA, PCI DSS, and other industry-specific regulations.
  • svgPass compliance audits and meet an even wider range of federal and state security standards, such as NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation or NIST 800-53, with the risk assessment and incident response features of Controlio.

High scalability

  • svgConnect up to 100,000 users to the Controlio system, which handles regular and peak loads breezily due to the cutting-end technology behind the app.
  • svgRely on the scalability of cloud services combined with the security of self-hosted solutions provided by a multi-platform Docker container and flexible AWS S3 storage.
  • svgEnable manageability at scale and alleviate administrative and oversight burdens by delegating the tasks to as many admins and managers as you need with an unlimited number of console users.
  • svgMake getting new users onboard an easy feat with invitation links sent via email for the app deployment and access to the dashboard.
  • svgProvide access permissions for many managers/employees in bulk by uploading a CSV file containing their login data.
  • svgWelcome WFH employees, remote workers, BYOD, and a hybrid work model with an unprecedented level of application portability ensured by Controlio.
  • svgExpand your mobile device management with Intune support and the agent installation package delivered to Enterprise users.

Seamless integration with existing apps and workflows

  • svgConnect the app to your tech stack like BI or SIEM with the documented API and API tokens used as environment variables instead of hard coding.
  • svgSynchronize all changes made on your Active Directory with the Controlio dashboard automatically through the dedicated integration feature available in the on-prem package.
  • svgExport data collected by the app as CSV or PDF files tailored to your needs using a set of sorting and managing features.
  • svgSchedule and configure reports to be generated by Controlio and sent via email to managers and supervisors responsible for different departments and focus areas.

Unmatched customizability

  • svgSet up your company’s profile down to specifying your preferred date format and uploading a corporate logo for labeling your PDF reports.
  • svgGroup users to create departments and teams fully mimicking your organizational structure for more convenient management and accurate KPI measurements.
  • svgAdjust productivity levels and categories assigned by Controlio’s smart engine to apps and websites to make the metrics even more precise.
  • svgConfigure monitoring profiles to meet various work schedules and choose specific timeframes for data displayed in each report.
  • svgSelect activity types and recording methods to construct flexible monitoring profiles for different users and departments.
  • svgEstablish behavior rules and access policies to perfectly correspond to job duties and disciplinary rules adopted in your company.

Extended functionality

  • svgMeasure employee productivity and engagement with ready-made metrics to deliver fair recognition, provide timely coaching, create realistic productivity goals, and define productivity trends.
  • svgTrack time and attendance to validate employee-reported hours, determine users’ real-time availability, prevent overtime and working without breaks, or analyze productive and unproductive time.
  • svgView working hours distribution between apps and websites to understand which digital tools are the most frequently used and thus worth investment and detect web services and programs with low usage or overlapping functionality.
  • svgSee what activities consume the most time to shut off distractions or rethink inefficient processes contributing to attention shifts.
  • svgUse online monitoring and activity reports to spot risky behaviors, workplace misconduct, and security breaches for both risk assessment and immediate incident response.
  • svgImplement a proactive approach to data protection and workforce optimization by using a vast set of Controlio’s alerts and blocking features customizable to separate teams and individual users.

What Are Controlio Features?

  • Productivity Stats
  • Working Hours Tracking
  • Contiuous Screen Recording
  • App & Web Tracking
  • User Behavior Rules & Alerts
  • Computer Usage Reports
  • Other Features
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Departments hierarchy

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Live sessions monitoring

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Remote client agent deployment

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Multi-login Dashboard with access control list

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Data Export to PDF, CSV

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Agent Stealth mode and Icon mode

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Audit Log (tracks activities inside the Dashboard)

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2-Step Authentication

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Cloud-based, on-premises, private AWS cloud deployment options

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GDPR data recording&view mode

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API for data integration

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Active Directory OUs and users synchronization


What our customers are saying


five stars

"I use attendance more than anything else. makes clear what they are doing."


May 19, 2023

It admin, Design, 11-50 employees
Used the software for: 1-2 years


five stars

"Aside from the software being amazing, the customer service is the best part. They always respond within a timely manner, and answer any of the questions I have."


November 16, 2022

IT Specialist, Construction, 51-200 employees
Used the software for less than 6 months


five stars

"Overall this is best as we don't have to do micro monitoring because at we can see when we want to see with the help of the reports. Very clear and easy dashboard so anyone can check and understand. It will also help you in future in task assignment , appraisal, R&R and promotion."


June 21, 2021

Information Technology and Services, 51-200 employees
Used the software for 6-12 months

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