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User Behavior Analytics

Respond to modern cybersecurity challenges with strong protective measures based on reliable User and Entity Behavior Analytics. Use smart Controlio’s algorithms, comprehensive statistics, and advanced data processing to shield your business from insider and outsider threats.

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Agent Workload Forecasting

Controlio provides tons of historical data to predict spikes and dips in workloads and better respond to customer demand.

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Automated Web/App Categorization

The Controlio engine allows classifying web pages and applications for labeling or blocking with little to no tedious manual manipulations.

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Offline Data Collection

Controlio stores data locally on employees’ computers and uploads them to the Dashboard as soon as the internet connection is restored.

How UEBA Delivered by Controlio Can Save You
from Data Leaks, Damaged Reputation, and Money Loss

Separate normal user behaviors from suspicious anomalies and spot credential theft, fraud, data exfiltration, and other malicious activities more efficiently. Launch immediate responses to unusual actions and even anticipate security issues by patching up possible holes.

Collect in-depth data on individual employees, various departments, and the entire organization to define what behaviors are typical for people doing different types of jobs

  • svgFind out when your staffers usually log on/off, when they actually start working on their computers, and how these time points correspond with officially established working hours.
  • svgExplore the Sessions graph showing how many employees were working each day within a specified period of time (week, month, year) and check whether the number matches scheduled days off.
  • svgView detailed Attendance reports to see breaks in your staffers’ workflows and compare these pauses with allowed time-outs.
  • svgUse a heatmap created for every user to understand their typical active hours.
  • svgLearn what apps your crew use and what websites they visit when performing their duties.
  • svgDrill down into user digests generated for each connected employee and showing their print history, files and emails they usually work with, as well as their search phrases and keystrokes (optional).
  • svgExpand your data collection by assigning your team members to work computers and tracking their locations based on the agent’s public IP.

Establish baseline behavior patterns and create rules on activities and schedules specific for different users and teams

  • svgConfigure monitoring profiles for employees and departments depending on their level of access to sensitive data and risk evaluation.
  • svgSelect types of information recorded by the app in each case and fine-tune the recording with exception lists.
  • svgAdjust monitoring schedules to the working hours of your dispersed teams and down to individual shifts.
  • svgSet behavior rules applicable in the system by combining your corporate policies with the analysis of user historical data.

Launch alerts informing designated managers and supervisors about any anomalous activities as soon as they happen

  • svgDetect data breaches associated with visiting insecure, malware-infected, and data-grabbing websites.
  • svgReveal possible data leaks through the inappropriate use of applications and instant messengers.
  • svgRespond to threats related to misapplication of removable media devices, such as data loss or malware infection.
  • svgMake a list of stop words for Controlio’s algorithms to recognize them in keystrokes and notify a person in charge of cybersecurity.
  • svgCapture suspicious sign-ins to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.

Automatically block computer activities that fall outside the boundaries of normal user behaviors even on remote devices

  • svgLock access to insecure websites for whole departments/individual users or get them redirected to safe web pages.
  • svgShut off apps that can pose a risk of data leakage completely or provide controlled access to them for specified users only.
  • svgProhibit inserting removable media devices on computers assigned to workers who don’t have the required permission.

Analyze automatically generated reports to identify risky behaviors and keep track of alarming trends

  • svgDig into the Alerts report to see which behavior rules were violated within a specified time and assess related risks.
  • svgImprove your incident management system by calibrating the rules and reducing false positives.
  • svgLeverage the Top Violators summary to educate or penalize the staffers frequently infringing your security policies to reduce insider threats.
  • svgStudy reports on keystrokes, emails, web searches, printing jobs, and operations with files to spot abnormalities and reveal rogue employees (optional).
  • svgView the Activities report and App/Web Usage summaries to detect vulnerabilities associated with Internet access and computer usage and plug the holes.
  • svgDerive meaningful data from the Sessions and Attendance reports to recognize compromised credentials and suspicious activities performed at unusual times.
  • svgGet more context with snapshots of computer screens taken every five minutes by default and find details from video recordings attached to them (optional).

Monitor user behavior in real-time to stop unauthorized access to sensitive data or abrupt other risky actions

  • svgExplore computers that have online status and check if there are no access attempts from devices of currently absent workers.
  • svgTake a close look at the titles of apps/websites your staffers are using and the name of the windows opened on their computers to determine how they correspond to the typical job duties.
  • svgSwitch to live videos streamed from every device connected to Controlio to get a better understanding of activities your crew is being engaged in to avoid false responses (optional).

Maintain an effective audit trail for comprehensive data protection compliance and investigate security breaches with a strong body of evidence

  • svgCreate multi-layer policies governing access to user behavior analytics collected by Controlio.
  • svgProvide your team members with carefully selected permissions to view and/or edit only those data that accord with their scope of duties.
  • svgCheck the system audit log to view all actions performed by the authorized users, ensure their accountability, and timely identify any abuse.
  • svgComply with HIPAA, GDPR, and other regulations with specific Controlio’s features, such as GDPR mode or private could deployment.
  • svgTurn to compelling evidence recorded by the app and presented in immutable logs to promptly investigate insider and outsider security incidents.

Optimize business processes and boost workplace productivity with behavioral data going beyond security issues

  • svgGet automatically generated KPIs, such as Productivity Score based on the productivity levels assigned to app/web activities and Active Time Ratio calculated against total time spent on computers.
  • svgUse the Productivity summary as a leaderboard to praise the best performers and take prompt measures towards underachievers.
  • svgReveal bottlenecks in your workflows and remove distractions that prevent your crew from achieving the best performance.
  • svgFollow productivity trends conveniently packed into charts and graphs to test managerial decisions and evaluate the results of implemented practices.
  • svgAdjust work schedules and breaks to user activity patterns and improve employee engagement and efficiency while crafting a more comfortable working environment for each worker.

What Are Controlio Features?

  • Productivity Stats
  • Working Hours Tracking
  • Contiuous Screen Recording
  • App & Web Tracking
  • User Behavior Rules & Alerts
  • Computer Usage Reports
  • Other Features
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Departments hierarchy

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Live sessions monitoring

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Remote client agent deployment

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Multi-login Dashboard with access control list

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Data Export to PDF, CSV

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Agent Stealth mode and Icon mode

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Audit Log (tracks activities inside the Dashboard)

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2-Step Authentication

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Cloud-based, on-premises, private AWS cloud deployment options

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GDPR data recording&view mode

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API for data integration

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Active Directory OUs and users synchronization


What our customers are saying


five stars

"We did a thorough analysis of all software packages; we have tested and tried each of them. We use the cloud version of Work Examiner (Controlio) and we immediately were convinced. It does *exactly* what we need in a seamless way."


January 27, 2020

Shareholder, Construction, 11-50 employees
Used the software for less than 6 months


five stars

"Aside from the software being amazing, the customer service is the best part. They always respond within a timely manner, and answer any of the questions I have."


November 16, 2022

IT Specialist, Construction, 51-200 employees
Used the software for less than 6 months


five stars

"Overall this is best as we don't have to do micro monitoring because at we can see when we want to see with the help of the reports. Very clear and easy dashboard so anyone can check and understand. It will also help you in future in task assignment , appraisal, R&R and promotion."


June 21, 2021

Information Technology and Services, 51-200 employees
Used the software for 6-12 months

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