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The session activity report consists of two tabs: Activity and Logons.
The Activity tab shows an aggregated view of daily working sessions based on user’s behavior. Working session starts with the very first activity of the day and end with the very last one. You don’t need to think about Windows sign in/outs, it just tracks the actual working activity by mouse/keyboard interaction with PC.

Here is a list of columns for Sessions – Activity report:

  • Day: the date of a work session, drill down click will open the Attendance report for selected user/day.
  • Start Time: the very first user activity (mouse/keyboard) for a day.
  • End Time: the very last user activity (mouse/keyboard) for a day.
  • User: user name.
  • Computer: computer name.
  • Productivity Score: productivity summary that is calculated for user/computer/day based on app/web activity.
  • Productivity Bar: productivity levels time distribution (productive/distracting) calculated for user/computer/day based on app/web activity.
  • Activity Bar: Active Time ratio (vs Total Time).
  • Activity Hours: Active Time distribution by 24 hours of a day.
  • Active Time: time while user is actively working on a PC (using mouse/keyboard).
  • Idle Time: time while PC is on but user is not working with it.
  • Total Time: time while PC is on (Active Time + Idle Time).

    Note: Working hours filter may be applied to show only those sessions that started and ended inside the selected range


The Logons session report tab shows logon and logoff time of user sessions. You will see user activity status and the total session time. If user signs in/out or locks the Windows PC – this is reflected in this report.

Note: records are reflected in the report after user makes log off (currently running sessions are not reflected here).

All the records are linked with the video recording, so you can find the video fragment of running a certain search request in seconds.