The Users section is mainly designed for admins to manage user’s technical information as well their data. Users are added to this list automatically, once the agent is connected to the server (you do not need to add users manually).

Also, here you may create departments for users grouping and creating a tree of organization units:

There are 2 views available:

  • Flat: shows all users of the account (from all departments) in a single list.
  • Tree: groups users into departments reflecting the organization structure model.

Here are the columns for the user’s record:

  • Status: the red indicator on the user icon shows that user is offline while the green indicator shows that the user is online (connected to Controlio server).
  • Name: this column shows user name that is captured from Windows API. User name is recorded as user@computer for workgroups and user@domain for domain networks.
  • Friendly Name: this field is grabbed from Windows API and can be edited here by admin.
  • Path: this column shows user’s path in the departments tree.
  • Monitoring Profile: indicates which monitoring profile is applied to the user.
  • Last Seen: the last time the agent has sent any info to the server (last connect time)

    User Actions

    On the top-left corner of the panel is the button "Action", use it for the following reasons:

    • Delete objects and data: remove user’s record from the platform with all activity data associated.
    • Delete data: cleanup user’s activity data only, leaving the user’s record in the system.
    • Move: move the user to different department.
    • Enable/Disable monitoring: stop user monitoring and free a license slot order to execute the above action simply mark the checkbox on the first column which corresponds to the name of the PC from the dropdown list on the user, then choose the action to perform.

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