The Controlio admin panel opens with a clear configurable Dashboard that shows you the most important high-level details.

The dashboard gives you an overview of the entire company’s work. In the Summary section, you’ll see the Active Time of all your employees and computer usage efficiency where it says Activity Ratio (active to idle). Active time starts with a keystroke or mouse movement. The idle time count starts if there is no activity in 30 seconds.

The next section shows an overview of the activity Categories, such as business, communication, learning, threats, etc. If you click on the widget (it shows five categories), you’ll see the detailed report for all categories.

Online sessions show you the details of your employee’s web browser sessions. You can see the name of the logged user, activity status (blue for active, grey for idle), PC name, active application and the name of the active window. Last activity is a diagram that shows activity changes per minute over the last 30 minutes.

If you click on the display icon next to the user name, you will see a video of what is happening on the user’s screen at that moment. A video player will open in a popup window.

Last snapshots

See what your employees were doing a little time ago. Snapshots are updated every 5 minutes. Click on a selected computer name to get access to the archive of screen video recordings.

Note: The screen video archive is available for the Pro Plan only.

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