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Audit Log

The system audit log allows you to see all dashboard users (administrators, managers, and employees) activities in the Controlio Dashboard. Audit logs are very useful for identifying any abuse or fault in the system. Additionally, audit logs, in conjunction with access control and various features of the Controlio platform allow you to conform with the compliance of the industry standards for example GDPR, HIPAA, etc.

The Audit Log has the following columns:

  • Time: Date and time of the action made on the dashboard.
  • Login: E-mail address of the dashboard manager that made the action.
  • Role: Security role of the manager (owner, admin, manager, employee).
  • IP: This shows the IP address of the user.
  • Object Type: The type of object the user accessed on Controlio; for example, report, login, department, category, rule, etc.
  • Action: The events performed by the user(s) for example view, logon, delete, update, change password, uninstall agent, etc.
  • Object Name: The internal name of the objects affected by the user’s action, for example, department, productivity report, logon, etc.
  • URL: The address of the pages (objects) accessed in the system.

    Applying Audit Log filters

    • Click on the Actions Filter on the top-right corner and select the action type from the drop-down list to filter it out.
    • Click on the Object Types Filter right next to the Actions Filter and select the object type from the drop-down list to filter it out.
    • By default, the audit log displays all the types of objects, however, you can use the Quick-search box Filter to look for actions on specific objects, e.g., ‘LA users

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