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Printing is another risk to the security of the organization’s intellectual property. Unmanaged printing can also increase operating expenses and decrease efficiencies. Controlio helps you monitor and manage your team’s printing with yet another detailed report that can be pulled off the system.

The Printing report lets you see what and how much is being printed by each team member. This can go a long way in helping you curb unnecessary expenditure and increase the security of your team’s intellectual property.

Network printers

If Controlio client is installed on the PC with a printer connected and shared to other users over LAN – all printing jobs that come from the network (sent by remote users) will be captured.

Video monitoring

If you suspect unusual printing activity for a report line item, you can click on the video icon opposite the date of that activity. This function shows you a short video screen-capture of what was displayed on the employee’s screen at the time of printing. The video will help you determine if the print was for private or work purposes, and if it was a document or image.