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Private USB flash drives have become a very real problem for team managers. As a manager, you know that one of the most critical security measures in any organization is that must keep virus or malware programs out of our IT system. These malicious computer bugs can easily be installed when an employee unintentionally load an infected personal file on their work computer. Another huge concern is the risk of a team member stealing the company’s intellectual property by saving work onto a private flash drive.

Controlio understands these concerns. The Files report will show you all the file actions taken by team members on every computer they access. You will know exactly who created, renamed, copied, or deleted a file.

To see only operations with flash drives and search operations you should use removables checkbox filter , allowing you to search for paths or file's name.

All the records are linked with the video recording, so you can find the video fragment of running a certain search request in seconds.

Removable devices filter

Controlio offers great peace of mind if information security is a concern in your team. It has an optional setting where you can set a USB-removable filter for file operations. This filter means that only USB media related records will be showing in the report.