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Productivity Score

The Productivity Score measures your team’s level of productivity. Levels of productivity are calculated as percentages and range from 0% to 100% productivity.

This indicator is calculated by monitoring and measuring your team’s active use of computer programs and websites. The calculation is measured in units of time, which are then categorized in parameters (‘productivity levels’) that show your team’s time as either very productive (vp, weight 4), productive (p, weight 3), neutral (n, weight 2), distracting (d, weight 1), or very distracting (vd, weight 0). Controlio will show you the metrics as percentages, as shown in the image above.

Productivity Score formula:

25 x ( d + n x 2 + p x 3 + vp x 4 ) / ( vd + d + n + p + vp )

The maximum Productivity Score value is 100, the minimum value is 0. It can be calculated to any set of apps&sites, users&departments.

Note: you may set up different productivity levels (of apps an sites) for different users and departments.

You can configure productivity levels at the category level in System - Categories (the 1st level)

and overwrite them at the activity level in the Activities report (the 2nd level).

Productivity Report

This report combines user-based view (in table) with periods of time (in chart). You can compare users by producivity score, active, idle or total time, check activity ratio and productivity bar (how the time was distributed between productivity levels).

With one click on a user’s heading, you will be redirected to this user’s productivity digest where all his productivity and activity insights are gathered in one spot.