Client Installation

Client Launcher Download

Once you've created an account you need to install a monitoring client app (agent) to record user's computer activities and upload data to the web console. Client Agent setup app is called Client Launcher - it manages agent installation, removal and other options.

To get the Client Launcher, please Click on the Client Download menu item from your login menu:

Client Download popup window will show:

You may download the Client Launcher app or copy&send a download link to your users (download link will work directly, without accessing the web console). Please do not edit the Client Launcher file name as it contains your account id.

Agent Installation

Run the Client Launcher app and you'll be offered several ways to deploy Controlio agent:

  • Install to monitor this PC - Client Launcher will download and install agent msi package on this computer.
  • Download msi for local installto another PC - Client Launcher will download and save msi package to the selected folder. This msi package may be also used for GPO or SCCM deployment.
  • Install remotely over LAN to another PCs - remote deployment that works for local network admins with access to c$ on remote PCs:

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