This function allows you to manage users’ monitoring profiles. For example, some users and departments may have keystrokes recording disabled and be monitored from 8am to 5pm only.

On the screen this can be seen, for example, as lite (no screen recordings, snapshots, keystrokes, emails) and hard monitoring (all in, for users with small level of efficiency).

You can set various profiles for monitoring. To create a new profile, just click the “Create” button at the top of the page.

This section allows you to create several sets of different types options and apply one set to one department or particular user and others to another one.

After clicking Create or Edit, a window will appear where you can edit the monitoring profile.

Here you can manage:

  • Users or departments the profile is applied to
  • Activity types of that will be monitored: screen video recording, snapshots (small screen images), keystrokes typed, applications usage, web surfing data, file operations, online searches, windows user sessions info (logon/logoff), emails (,, and MS Outlook app)
  • Monitoring schedule to make the client agent work on specific hours/weekdays
  • Show taskbar option: allows users to choose between stealth and visible monitoring modes

If the client (agent) is offline (he is not connected to the Controlio cloud server), then the monitoring profile will be applied at the next connection.

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