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The email monitoring feature helps you understand how productive your team is when it comes to email usage. The Email report gives you a view of the correspondence per team member. You will be able to see how much correspondence is sent by/to your employees.

Note: Gmail's protocols and its results may change overtime thus lowering direction detection accuracy. As a result, n/a will be shown under the direction column of CSV exports.

You can download email reports in either CSV or PDF format by selecting your preferred choice in the upper, right corner of the report screen.

Clicking on any email will show you its contents:

By doing that, you can also find information about attachments and download them.

The email monitoring feature tracks such web services, as: gmail, yahoo, and MS Outlook.

All the records are linked with the video recording, so you can find the video fragment of when the email was sent/received in seconds.

Emails recording uses web filtering driver and to avoid any possible incompatibility issues it can be enabled/disabled from Monitoring Profiles.