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The Computers section is designed for admins to manage agents installations and technical info. This page shows all the computers that have been added to Controlio. Computers are added to this list automatically, once the agent is connected to the server (you do not need to add users manually but you need to download and install the agent to make this happen)

Here are the columns for the computer’s record:

  • Status: the red indicator on the user icon shows that computer is offline while the green indicator shows that the computer is online (connected to Controlio server).
  • Computer: this column shows computer name that is obtained from Windows settings.
  • Sessions: number of running user sessions that are currently monitored.
  • Version: client agent program version.
  • Last Seen: the last time the agent has sent any info to the server (last connect time).
  • Location: country/city location based on agent’s public IP. IP can be obtained from the popup hint.
  • OS: indicates the operation system version of the computer.

    On the top-left corner of the panel is the button "Action"

    Kindly take note on the following actions:

    • Delete Data (client will remain): remove computer’s activity data from the platform. The client agent program still remains and may upload new data.
    • Uninstall client (data will remain): this action indicates that whenever a client agent is uninstalled from PC. The data will still remain and be available from reports. This action works for connected agents only.
    • Delete Data and Uninstall client: all computer’s activity data is removed from the platform, agent program is uninstalled (if it is currently connected).

    Client Download button opens download options for the agent program. Please get more info in the Client Installation page.

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