Behavior Rules

This section allows you to create rules for the members of your team, increasing team efficiency and productivity. For example, you can block access to game applications, or prohibit certain Internet keyword searches.

When any rule is triggered, it creates an alert for the Alerts report. And you can create a rule to block any type of activity, or to not block, but just collect alerts.

To establish a rule, you need to click the “create” button which will redirect you to the rule set up page. You need to give a name to the new rule, and then choose the event that you need to block or receive an alert for:

  • Website visited,
  • Keystrokes typed,
  • Application launched,
  • USB media inserted,
  • User Active/Idle for a period of time,
  • Monitoring session start/end,
  • User Logon/Logoff.

Select users (and user exceptions, if needed) for the rule to specify the employees that the rule is applied to.

Each rule will have its own specific settings:


You should type masks of sites to which the rule responds are entered. E.g. http*://*, http*://* Also, 20+ content-based website categories with millions of sites are supported:
[porn], [gambling], [gaming], [dating], [file share], [threats], [proxy], [ads], [aggressive], [alcohol], [audio-video], [bitcoin], [chat], [finance], [gov], [jobs], [magazines], [mail], [medical], [news], [shopping], [social], [sports]

You may set up a Warning message to show to the user when trying to access a forbidden resource (e.g. ‘This website is prohibited. Please contact network administrator.’).


To set up this rule you should write stop words that are typed by the user (e.g. CEO’s name, competitives, harmful words..):


In regard to applications, you must specify executable file names (e.g. ‘skype.exe’) or app product names (e.g. ‘skype’) you wish to prohibit, select type of “Action,” and write a warning message text that will be displayed on the user's screen when trying to run a forbidden program.

USB Removable media

USB flash can be simply blocked, or you will just be notified about the inserted USB flash drives. It depends on your decision about how to create the rule – to block or just to alert admin.

User Active/Idle

You may set up a rule to alert you when a user is active for a period time, as well as when he is idle for a period of time.

Monitoring session start/end

You will be alerted each time monitoring starts or stops.

User Logon/Logoff

You will receive alerts when monitored users login or logoff of their current Windows/MAC session.

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