small & medium businesses
per user monthly/yearly
medium & enterprises
on request
Private Cloud
on request
Range of users to monitor
Minimum and maximum number of monitored users
Live screen monitoring
Watch the live stream of the screen in real-time
Full-Time Screen recording
View or export any historical screen recordings
Data storage
Default data retention period
6 months, need more?
no limit
no limit
Web filtering
Block specific URLs, or entire categories of websites
Remote agent installation (via LAN)
Deploy the agent remotely to any PC within your LAN if you have the needed rights
Real-time session info
User status, activity, window, and last activity information will be shown
Web & Apps tracking
Monitor user ativity on applications and websites
Start & End time of each monitoring session, as well as its duration will be shown
A summarized and detailed activities report for each day that is visually represented on a timeline
Snapshots are small thumbnails that can be utilized to visually search for a screen recording.
Track all keyboard strokes
Files usage
Track all file operations such as Create/Delete/Move/Rename
Track emails sent/received via gmail, yahoo mail, or MS Outlook app
Printing jobs tracking
Stealth or tray icon modes
Keep the agent hidden or show an icon with start/stop monitoring menu
Behavior rules and alerts
Set up rules that will trigger alerts when broken
Monitoring profiles
Customizable tracking settings for different users
Server platforms
Supported server platforms
Endpoint platforms
Operating systems supported by the Client agent